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Alcohol breathalyzer, Test&Drive is designed for precise and rapid measurement of the amount of alcohol in exhaled air. A small expense, which provides 100% assurance, and is always within reach.

  • Professional disposable alcotest for every driver – supplementation of first aid kit.
  • It can be used effectively by public institutions such as the police, fire department, military, health care, etc.
  • Support sales in fast-moving consumer goods, including: alcohol department. Attach the breathalyzer to each bottle, presenting innovative marketing.
  • Well located at bars or clubs, reminds people that they cannot get behind the wheel.
  • Also excellent for all employers who want to make sure that their employees are safe and they are not a threat to anyone or anything.
  • Great for corporate events, for which there is no lack of alcoholic drinks. This ensures that participants will be able to check their sobriety before returning home.
  • Gas stations – Suitable and easy access to disposable breathalyzer for vehicle users.
  • The perfect tool for all social campaigns to increase road safety and promote sobriety in the workplace.
  • Ordering alcotest with your logo, name and individual project, will help promote your company, and is a very practical gift for your customers.